Death Guard 2015

I've recently got back into Epic Armageddon in a sizeable way - having decided to go to the Counterattack tournament in Bath last weekend I got in a few practice games and managed to come fourth out of twenty! I've also been digging around on the net to see what new variant lists there are around and came across a new experimental version of the NetEA Death Guard list. On Tuesday I got in a test game against Richard at the club, using an Iyanden Eldar list. Long story short, formations of Plague Towers (here proxied with a couple of Capitol Imperialis models) are freaking terrifying.


Another variant list I'll be trying out is the Daemon World/Daemon Incursion one from here, which is basically formations of daemons, Souldgrinders, Chaos Spawn and not a lot else. Surprisingly, after digging through my Epic bits boxes, I have enough Plaguebearers (and Trolls proxying as Plaguebearers) to run a full 3k mono-Nurgle list! It'll look something like this:

250pt Nurgle Horde - 7 Plaguebearers and a Herald character.

325pt Nurgle Horde - 7 Plaguebearers, a Herald character and a Soulgrinder (my existing DG Defiler scratch-builds).

400pt Nurgle Horde - 7 Plaguebearers, a Herald character and 2 Soulgrinders.

750 pt Greater Daemon Horde - 3 Great Unclean Ones (Epic GuC, Epic Mortarion and I'll find something for the third one).

450pt Undivided Soulgrinder Maniple - 6 Soulgrinders.

175pt Nurgle Pack - 7 Nurglings (using Nurglings and creepy-crawlies).

175pt Nurgle Pack - 7 Nurglings (using Nurglings and creepy-crawlies).

350pt Nurgle Pack - 7 Beasts of Nurgle.

No shooting whatsoever outside of the GuCs' 15cm Stream of Corruption and the Soulgrinders' 30cm Phlegm Cannon, but you can teleport in about 2/3rds of the formations (excepting the GuCs) so getting into assaults isn't too much of a problem.


A pile of lead Nurgle stuff:

I decided to use the WFB/40k-scale Nurglings as Chaos Spawn (which don't exist in the EpicUK Death Guard list that I normally use), adding some Beastmen handlers to the bases to give them scale and to add to the idea of them being near-mindless.

MOAR NURGLINGS! Partly because of the Daemon Incursion list, partly because these days you can take more than one Plague Zombie Infestation and partly because that experimental DG list has a spaceship whose barrages produce small formations of Plague Zombies. He he he...


Also, a few photos from Counterattack, more in the gallery.



Finally, I redid my war engine summary sheet - having an A4 sheet flat next to the gaming table without knocking dice off it wasn't suitable for a tournament so I did some Warmachine-style summary cards.


These new ones are sized to fit in standard playing card sleeves so a dry wipe marker could be used to mark damage and lost Void Shields. Being small enough to fit on the back of the deployment zone made them a lot handier to use.