Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.4.3 vs White Scars

Another Death Guard batrep, this was also testing out the Border War mission being used in the club's upcoming EXETERminatus tournament in May.

Due to time constraints we played a 2k game. The main difference to the previous batrep is that the midline objectives were further apart, objectives were held before rallying and only one garrison was allowed per player.


Table & Deployment

Note that these photos were taken at the end of the game not the beginning!


Army Lists


DG Border War Nurgle's Rot, 1990 POINTS 

Death Guard (NetEA V0.4.3) 


7 Plague Marines, 4 Death Guard Rhino, Nurgle Sorcerer Lord, Nurgle's Rot


Death Guard Daemon Prince, 4 Plague Marines, 3 Havocs, Desecrator, Death Guard Assault Dreadnought


5 Blight Drones


4 Contagion Towers


Plague Tower



I garrisoned the footslogging DG Retinue in the green forest in the middle, with the Plague Tower on the near objective, the Contagion Engines 15cm back from the objective, the Plaguereaper on the road on my right flank, the Blight Drones behind the green forest and the Rhino-mountd Retinue on top of the hill on my left flank. Knowing about the Thunderhawk, I went for a relatively compact deployment.


Incompertus, 2150 POINTS 

White Scars (NetEA Tournament Pack 2016) 



4 Annihilator, Hunter


6 Tacticals


4 Whirlwinds

BIKE [425] 

8 Bike Unit, Chaplain


6 Tacticals, Supreme Commander, 3 Razorback


ASSAULT [175] 

4 Assault Units


Paul's list was done quickly on the spot (and without access to http://traitor-legion.appspot.com/ as the WIFI was down) and was slightly over-points, or I misremembered something.

Paul deployed the Predators on my far left flank, the Rhino Tacticals and Whirlwinds near his objective and the Bikes and Razorback Tacticals on my right flank.



Turn One

Start of turn: no teleporters in either army list.

Strategy: As the force with fewer activations (six to the seven White Scars formations), I got to choose who went first in turn one, and activated first.


Turn 1 Act. 1, Death Guard: Contagion Engines

Action: Sustain against Whirlwinds

Result: Two kills for a total of 3 BMs.


Turn 1 Act. 2, White Scars: Predators

Action: Advance against DG Rhino-mounted Retinue, positioning on the right midline objective.

Result: five hits resulted i a mere two dead Rhinos and no dead Plague Marines.


Turn 1 Act. 3, White Scars: Whirlwinds

Action: Sustain against Plague Tower

Result: With only one Barrage Point, all they managed was to inflict a Blast Marker for shooting at it.


Turn 1 Act. 4, Death Guard: Plague Tower

Action: Sustain against Predators

Result: one kill, four BMs due to lots of Barrage Points and some Disrupt hits.


Turn 1 Act. 5, White Scars: Razorback Tacticals

Action: Double against Plaguereaper, moving up onto the left midline objective.

Result: One BM 


Turn 1 Act. 6, Death Guard: Plaguereaper

Action: Advance against Razorbacks

Result: some vehicles killed, and a lucky 'barrage-snipe' of his Supreme Commander!


Turn 1 Act. 7, White Scars: Tactical Rhinos

Action: Advance against DG Rhino Retinue still on the hill on my left.

Result: one BM


Turn 1 Act. 8, Death Guard: Blight Drones

Action: Double against Whirlwinds, positioning on far side objective.

Result: one hit and broken!


Turn 1 Act. 9, White Scars: Bikes

Action: Engage against Blight Drones

Result: having forgotten to check where the Bikes could reach, the Bikes assaulted the Blight Drones and even with two Bikes killed the Drones were beaten.


Turn 1 Act. 10, Death Guard: Rhino Retinue

Action: Marshal: Move  

Result: Move forwards, remove all BMs


Turn 1 Act. 11, White Scars: Thunderhawk and assault

Action: Engage against Rhino Retinue

Result: the Garrisoning Retinue on overwatch manage to kill an assault marine, putting the Marines on -2 for combat res, and then manage to bounce off the Death Guard anyway. Entire formation including Thunderhawk wiped. In hindsight this was one of the critical mistakes on the Marine side.



Turn One Endphase

Although my Death Guard were well set up for subsequent turns, Paul held three objectives to my one, for a total of 5:1 in points. The lone Whirlwind fails to rally, all other broken formations rally.


Turn Two

I won the Strategy Roll.


Turn 2 Act. 1, Death Guard: Plague Tower

Action: Double against Tactical Rhinos

Result: kills a Rhino, three BMs. Tacticals prepped for assult + supporting fire.


Turn 2 Act. 2, Death Guard: Rhino Retinue

Action: retain and Engage against tactical Rhinos

Result: Tacticals broken for a single loss. Nurgle's Rot was forgotten and the supporting fire from the Plague Tower did nothing.


Turn 2 Act. 3, White Scars: Predators

Action: Sustain against Plague Tower

Result: six hits resulted in two failed Reinforced Armour and Invulnerable saves!


Turn 2 Act. 4, White Scars: Bikes

Action: Engage against Blight Drones over on the far right flank where the broken Blight Drones had run.

Result: one biker gets distracted and dies to tree-trunks! Marines win. Blight Drones reposition to middle of Paul's side to try and prevent the Bikes getting to the objective.


Turn 2 Act. 5, Death Guard: Contagion Enginess

Action: Sustain against Razorback Tacticals

Result: one kill, five BMs


Turn 2 Act. 6, Death Guard: Plaguereaper

Action: Advance against Razorback tactical

Result: broken, Plagurereaper in 15cm of right midline objective


Turn 2 Act. 7, Death Guard: Garrison Retinue

Action: Double against lone Whirlwind

Result: Desecrator died to tree-trunks, no damage to Whirlwind but formation positioned to hold far side objective.


Turn Two Endphase

Paul held the left midline objective and I held all three of the others, for 7:2 this turn.


Turn Three

Paul won the Strategy Roll.


Turn 3 Act. 1, White Scars: Predators

Action: Sustain against Plague Tower

Result: cascading criticals take the remaining four DC off the Plague Tower and destroy it!


Turn 3 Act. 2, Death Guard: Plaguereaper

Action: Overwatch  

Result: still sitting and guarding the left midline objective.


Turn 3 Act. 3, White Scars: Bikes

Action: Engage against Blight Drones

Result: one kill each side, Marines win, Blight Drones reposition to protect the footslogging Retinue.


Turn 3 Act. 4, Death Guard: Garrison Retinue

Action: Advance against Predators

Result: move up to the far side objective and put a BM on the Predators


Turn 3 Act. 5, Death Guard: Rhino retinue

Action: Engage against Predators

Result: no kills on either side but PMs win due to BMs and outnumbering, two hackdown kills.



Turn Three Endphase

I held all four objectives for 10:0 this turn. Razorback Tacticals fail to rally, leaving him without enough activations or troops to reliably take any objectives, so we called the game there.



Ian 18, Paul 7

Mostly down to the disastrous Thunderhawk assault, we were discussing what could have been done differently and think that he should have either just shot the Plague Marines on the hill in the open, or come further round and assaulted the Contagion Engines. He would have had the same Blast Marker issues as Overwatch fire from the garrison would have reached, but the Contagions are much squishier than the Plague Marines!