Barracks - the unit builder for Gruntz


Last Summer at Salute I came across the Gruntz rules for 15mm SF wargaming. I was immediately taken by the unit creation system that Robin had designed. As generic rules for the genre there are no army lists but instead you make up unit cards for your existing figure collection/whatever you buy and convert to fit 15mm scale.

With a bit of free time on my hands (the eBay season hadn't kicked in fully) I started prototyping a builder application for my own use and to keep my programming skills fresh. Unfortunately the amount of time I had to work on what was quickly growing into a complex project rapidly ran out after the first couple of unit types had been implemented, and the unit builder had to go on the back burner.

Fast-forward to Gruntz 1.1 being developed with some new unit types and a tweaked points cost/unit creation system. A unit builder was becoming ever more important for Gruntz as making unit cards is one of the first things that most players need to do and the existing spreadsheet solution was quite clunky.

After a few weeks of discussions we decided to go ahead with the unit builder but in a slightly different way - to make it commercially viable we would raise the funds for the development work ahead of time. After a few false starts (Kickstarter requires a US bank account and we're both in Britain), the Indiegogo Barracks project was launched late on Monday night this week.


Less than 48 hours later and we're on $1,788 out of a $2,222 goal! However it's no time to be complacent, we need a whole bunch more of the $14 beta test and $19 'beta and 1.1 PDF' perks to be pledged as the book perks have almost run out even with an increase in quantity. The further over the $2,222 goal we go, the more development time can be spent adding software features like advanced printing and sharing.


Pledge your support now by buying a perk!


Meanwhile, here's a couple of photos of odd match-ups using the Gruntz rules.

An Alternative Armies/ scout tank being assaulted by a 28mm Kryomek Hellion that's being used as the commander of an army of GW Rippers:


And a 28mm AT-43 Baal Golgoth about to stomp on some Alternative Armies/ Powered Armour Marines:




Update November 2013

In response to a form letter from Lone Wolf Development I've changed 'unit/army builder' to 'unit builder' on this page as they appear to think there could be confusion with their Armybuilder trademark and product.