Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 1

This evening I was over at Iron Haven Games setting up tables for this weekend's Infinity Spring Challenge. Here are the results.

First up is the trophy rack prize shelf.

As some of the prize items are in use during the tournament as scenery I did a little list for each set of prizes. Thanks again to Micro Art Studio, Sarissa Precision, Warmill Gaming Accessories and Antenociti's Workshop for prize sponsorship, each of the attendees also gets a goody bag. :-)

Now the tables, starting with the two Plant Collector mission garden tables, using a mix of Sarissa, Warmill and Battlefield in a Box commercial terrain and home-made terrain from a number of sources:


Some shots of the first urban table on some modular 600mm tiles, largely built by me but with some MAS buildings and iKubes:


Two boarding action tables made from old Space Crusade tiles, these make for incredibly claustrophobic and bloody Infinity games:


The other urban table with a few MAS buildings and a large number of home-made buildings by attendees:


The ice table, although this might be getting some more low-level terrain in the morning:

Finally table eight - desert:


One of the main aims for the tournament was to have a really varied set of tables with everyone playing all four of the table-specific missions and then on Sunday playing on yet more different tables against new opponents, rather than swiss-style rank-based match-ups:

That's all for now, as it's time to get some sleep ready for the morning...


Part two is now up.