Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 2 - Saturday

The next batch of photos, following on from part one...


Round One

The two garden tables:


The first of the urban tables:


One of the Space Crusade boarding action tables:


The second urban table:




Ariadna face off against a Naga with monofilament mines:


A Shaolin Monk decides to take the Guard Dog for a walk:


More boarding action table action:


One of the guard dogs critically Dodges on a 20!


'Come with me if you don't want to be fried!'


Round Two


Jae's Kuang Sheep go Boarding:


Spencer and Dom face off on a garden board.

With a guard dog trying and failing to eat the Chimera:

While the Szalamandra flames the TO Proxy Sniper and then vapourises an Asura:


On the other table the merovingians face off against a Marut:

And a Myrmidon asks 'Attack dog? What attack dog??'.


Meanwhile on the other boarding action table Andy's Qapu Khalki Link Team causes havoc:


More urban table including a digital photo frame that is yet to be painted:


Matt's NeoTerrans huddle up against the cold:


On the other urban table Richard's Ariadna face Walter's GML-spam Nomads. The Dog Warrior is not amused and goes on a rampage killing the Prowler, GML Remote, Interventor and I think some others as well!


That's all for now - with round 3, the evening games and the painted armies to come tomorrow...


Part three is now up.