From Warhammer Widow to Warhammer Trader

When I met Ian he was big into wargaming, roleplaying and Magic cards. So from the day go he played two, three times per week and I mostly entertained myself or worked :( If there was an event he would be away for a couple of days and engrossed for quite a while in advance. Well, I got used to that.

Cherry Trees, Planters & Pipes

In preparation for the local Legionary convention at the weekend I managed to get some scatter terrain done.

Used Packaging

We recently received some feedback on our eBay Shop which went something like this: 'For sending my stuff in a used box padded with some newspaper your postage charges are much too high. Oh, btw it arrived in good condition.'.

My initial reaction was to write a blog detailing our P&P charges which you can read here:


Then I started to think in more depth about recycled packaging. Here is why we do it:

Salute 2014 Part One - Fantasy Tables

Time for my annual photo-blog of Salute, South London Warlords' big wargaming convention.

There were a lot of incredible tables this year. Starting with...



ITS 2014: Cliff Notes Edition

The 2014 Infinity Tournament System season (try saying that quickly ten times) introduced some new missions and tweaked some of the missions from the previous season.

To focus players' minds at the Spring Challenge last month I did a set of summary slides which were shown before each round. I've now added ones for the missions we didn't play at the event.

Lifeblood was one of the new scenarios for the 2014 season. It has slightly stricter army list restrictions than the other missions as you not only need some Specialist troops but also troopers with specific ammo types to destroy the crate objectives after they've been searched.

2014 Infinity Summer Challenge - Campaign Weekend

This Challenge Series event is made up of two one-day tournaments.


Saturday - 400pt Campaign Tournament

There will be three games across Saturday and Saturday evening, allowing plenty of time for people to write new lists between each round as they gain XP to spend on army upgrades and Spec Ops.

Saturday missions:

  • Emergency Transmission
  • Antenna Field
  • Bacon Race

There will also be spare gaming tables set up on Saturday for free casual gaming, anyone welcome!


Sunday - 300pt 'Classic' Tournament

A 300pt standard tournament with no Spec Ops.

Sunday missions:

  • Quadrant Control
  • Supplies
  • Seize the Antenna


Download Links

Terrain House Rules


Freight Port Table - Containers & 1st Tile

More progress on the Freight Port table.


Constructed Containers

First off, a big bunch of colourful containers using the same card-wrapped-over-EPS construction method as the first one. Note that the taller pile at the back is a single piece representing four containers.


Postage AND Packing

How we calculate our P&P prices. P&P means postage and packaging so includes a lot more than just the price printed on the franked label.

Our prices are made up of these factors:


UK Europe Rest of World

P&P charge




eBay & PayPal fees*




Packaging materials








Franking machine rental & ink








Total cost








*Yes, both eBay and PayPal take a cut of what we charge for P&P. :-(

Infinity Play/Results Sheet (Updated for ITS 2014)

Micro Art Studio Infinity Tech-Coffin x 2

Company: Micro Art Studio

Retail Price: 

Part of Micro Art Studio's extensive range of Infinity items, this blister contains two resin 'crash coffins', one-person re-entry vehicles. Specifically designed for some of the missions in Campaign: paradiso it's also useful as a general objective marker.



Looks & Styling

Representing a landed and opened pod, the crash coffin has a fairly high-tech feel. Detailing is crisp. The design has the two control panels clearly in easy reach of the set, my one (minor) gripe with the aesthetics of the design would be the three-part seat belt being neatly closed after the occupant has crashed down into a gravity well and scrambled out.

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