2013 Winter Challenge Tournament Pack

Infinity Terrain House Rules v2

Infinity Unit Finder

I'm proud to announce the public beta of an Infinity unit database!

This database serves several purposes:

  • Integrated army lists for each faction/Sectorial across all books and PDFs.
  • Quick search for units by unit type, equipment, skills, LT options etc. across all factions.
  • A single place with the army list entry, background information and photos for each unit, plus links to the blisters and boxes containing that unit.

Please note that this is a reference tool rather than a list builder! 


How do I see an army list?

Go to the army list page, pick the relevant faction/Sectorial then click Apply. All army list entries for the army will load up including ITS-legal Mercenaries and Sectorial-specific units from other factions, like this:

Army List ViewArmy List View

Infinity Bootleg Packaging

The bootleg range just arrived.

The new packaging makes a drastic change in design, reinforcing that these are part of a separate range from the gaming models. All rather tasty in design, if a bit tasteless when it comes to some of the illustrations...

Dark blue packaging.Dark blue packaging.

Epic Death Guard Assemble!

The Death Guard are starting to come along pretty well, which is a good thing as I've got a bunch of games lined up this coming Saturday...

Papa Nurgle's Group ShotPapa Nurgle's Group Shot

Front to back, left to right:

Nurgling/Plague Infestation, two Plaguereapers and a Defiler, Beasts of Nurgle.

Defiler formation, Death Guard Retinue, (rest of Plaguereaper formation), eight Plaguebearers and Mortation who's standing in as a Great Unclean One.

Contagion Engine formation including a couple of Basilisk stand-ins, Predator formation, Death Guard Retinue with Defiler.

Two objective markers, Warhound/Plaguehound Scout Titan, Death Guard Retinue with Plague Tower (Capital Imperialis) and three Land Raiders, third objective marker.

Gencon 2013 - Infinity News

At GenCon last week, Bostria from Corvus Belli held a seminar talking about the future of Infinity, with all sorts of interesting bits coming down the pipeline! But first a thank you to Guges from the Infinity Forum who gave me permission to use his photos of the seminar, and a peek at CB's explosive growth of the last few years! As usual, click on any thumbnail to see a bigger image. Thanks also to Doremicom for videoing the seminar and uploading it to YouTube (part 1 of 2 EDIT and now part 2 of 2 as well).

Epic Death Guard - More Defilers, Infestation

Woo paint! Last week I managed to get some paint on some of the Nurgling Infestation and a test of one of the Plaguebearers. Lots of washes and glazes, they were really fun to paint.


Construction - Epic Defiler and Infinity Szalmandra

In the last couple of weeks I started getting paint on the Epic objectives and the swarm:


Infinity Starter Pack Tourney Guidelines

Blank Dice Cube Adshells PDF

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