2013 Infinity Winter Challenge - Double Trouble

This Challenge Series event is made up of two separate one day tournaments.


Saturday Daytime - 300 pt Spec Ops Tournament

This will be a full-blown competitive ITS tournament of four rounds. Missions to be confirmed but are likely to be either YAMS or tweaked ITS missions. Two lists will be allowed but they must be from the same vanilla faction or Sectorial.


Saturday Evening - Fun Stuff

Open gaming including board games, Infinihulk etc.


Sunday - 150pt Starter Pack Tourney

This will be a 150 point ITS tournament geared towards newer players. It will have several restrictions to even the playing field (a bit) and to leave out some of the more complex rules interactions.


Update - Download Links!

Tournament Pack

Terrain House Rules

Collaborative Mission PDF


2013 Summer Challenge Results

The results for the 2013 Summer Challenge. The total number of points from each round was the main criteria. We also kept track of crits suffered by each player.

2013 Infinity Summer Challenge - Army Lists & Photos (Updated)

Painted army photos and army lists from this weekend's Infinity Intro Weekender.

Russ's wolf-heavy AriadnaRuss's wolf-heavy Ariadna

Ariadna | 7 models ________________________________________________________

Line Kazak Lieutenant (9|0)
Cameronian (22|0)
Cameronian (22|0)
S.A.S. Sniper (36|0.5)
Line Kazak HMG (29|1)
Line Kazak Sniper (18|0.5)
Volunteer LGL (11|0.5)

147/150 points | 2.5/3 swc
open with Aleph Toolbox : http://goo.gl/M3MYE

Learning From Your Mistakes, Epic Edition

So, last night I played a game of Epic Armageddon, and lost 2-0.

This was partly down to a bit of rules confusion and some bad dice, but mostly down to bad tactical decisions...



This was a 2k game between my EpicUK Death Guard (the brand new update with Rhinos!) against Ronan's (new club member) EpicUK Ulthwe Eldar.

Epic Death Guard - Objectives & Nurglings

Following on from yesterday's blog post, I've been basing up a proxied 'Plague Zombie Infestation' and working on some objective markers.

The models for the zombies infestation are a mix of Space Marine-era Nurgling piles, some early Eighties Citadel C29 Creepy Crawlies range scorpions and some leech/centipede models from an unknown manufacturer - picked up at a games convention at some point. After trying out how they would look on 20mm ply discs I decided to go for 25mm discs instead as it would make the lips of the built-in bases easier to hide.


Epic Death Guard - Contagion Engine Conversions

It's been a while since I played Epic regularly but Epic Armageddon is seeing a bit of a revival at the club, so I've dug out the remnants of my semi-painted Nurgle forces.

To go with the painted Death Guard stands so first new addition will be a formation of Contagion Engines for some long-range firepower. Inspired by mageboltrat's excellent Bombard conversions that appear in the Epic UK army list PDF I decided to do my own conversions rather than tracking down some of the old metal catapult models.

Salute 2013 Photo-Blog

So this weekend involved the annual trek to London for Salute on Saturday, the biggest dedicated wargaming show in the UK, and possibly Europe.

Rather than shoving all the images into one post, this year I've set up a bunch of sub-galleries and will include only the picks here.


Antenociti's Workshop

Jed from AW is working on a new table suitable for Infinity, with a strong jungle/woodland theme. He says it's about 60% done so I'm curious about how it's going to look when it's done!

Table overview.Table overview. Plenty of flora and fauna.Plenty of flora and fauna.

2013 Spring Challenge Photos

Finally, photos from the Spring Challenge!

Friday night, table testing.Friday night, table testing. Friday night, table testing.Friday night, table testing.


The tables:

2013 Infinity Summer Challenge - Intro Weekender

Unlike some of the previous Challenge events, the 2013 Summer Challenge is specifically designed for newer players and even gamers who haven't played Infinity before. Saturday will be an introductory day followed by a 'starter pack tournament' on Sunday.


Saturday Daytime - Intro Day

Saturday will see a mix of open gaming, intro games for new players and advice sessions (army building, tactics etc.) for everyone. The exact schedule and sessions will depend on attendee numbers.


Saturday Evening - Fun Stuff

Open gaming plus some silly fun like Space Hulk-inspired Infinity games.

2013 Spring Challenge Results

The results for the 2013 Spring Challenge. The total number of tournament points from each round was the main criteria with victory points as the tie-breaker. We also kept track of crits suffered by each player.

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