Having recently been inspired by this thread on the Datasphere forums, I went trawling eBay for cheap model trees and ended up ordering £20 of stuff from the Far East.

First up are the cherry trees in blossom. Technically they're a bit small for 28mm scenery but clumped together in some planters they should look fine and add some much needed colour to my urban layouts. Note that everything's still a bit compressed from being posted...


Stocking Infinity - Part 2

As of this weekend we now have the whole line of Infinity blisters and box sets up on the web store, although we're already out of stock of about twenty items again...

If you're looking for something specific then is your best starting point, as you can search by combinations of faction, unit type and Sectorial.

Stocking Infinity! (Updated 1st March)

Big news - we've stocked a very small part of the Infinity range for some time now but we're now going to be continuously stocking the entire range of Infinity blisters and boxes alongside our existing Micro Art Studio stock and of course our large range of secondhand GW items.

Yesterday we received a massive box of shiny goodies from the distributor which takes us up to around 95% coverage as there two dozen items out of stock. Which gives you some idea of the size of the range! Stocking all 400 items has been quite an investment for us and you can be sure I'll be pushing the stock as much as possible...

Warmill Foodbooth 9000 (Dolphin Snack version)

Retail Price: 

Warmill's growing range of Street Wars scenery now includes several different types of building, including this retail food booth. 


2013 Infinity Spring Challenge


A full weekend of Infinity gaming.

  • 300pt ITS Tournament.
  • Simplified/YAMS missions on Saturday.
  • Campaign: Paradiso missions on Sunday.
  • Informal gaming on Saturday evening.


Paradiso 203: Anatomy of a Pounding

Last night I got curbstomped in an Infinity game. This isn't a particularly common occurance for me so some post-game analysis was required...

This wasn't part of our club's Paradiso campaign as the next round of campaign matches are next week.


The Mission

Mission 203 from Campaign: Paradiso.

UK Wargaming Club Directory

Look up to the top of the site and you'll see a new 'UK Clubs' banner for our new directory of UK wargaming clubs. 'Another one?', I hear you ask? Yes, another one to go alongside all the existing ones, but we'll be chaecking all the entries on a regular basis so that it's always fairly up to date...

See the directory here:

Submit your club's details here:

Qapu Khalki - Use of Hafzas

The Qapu Khalki Sectorial for Haqqislam has a particular unit which has almost infinite potential for mind games - the Hafza. Hafzas are lead-from-the-front officers named after guardian angels an have some special but not all that obvious abilities.

By the way, if you're not an Infinity player, a Sectorial force is effectively a themed sub-list from that faction with tweaked unit availability and the ability to 'link' certain models together to act as a close-knit unit.


New Micro Art Studio Infinity Stock

Our restock order is in and it's a big one!

Also in are four new tokens - Tracking Beacon, Nullifier, Narrow Gate and Wide Gate.

Campaign Paradiso Mission 102 Batrep

or, Nomad Nutters v. Caledonian Nutters: the Batrep

If you're not familiar with the Campaign: Paradiso missions, 102 basically involves trying to get a single model around four out of five objectives scattered across the table. In the right order. Needing to start off where the first model left off if the model gets taken out. In four turns! For more details, see my Tabletop Nation release event report.

First, the table:

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