PAW 2012 Demo Table Report

Today I was down in Plymouth for day one of Plymouth Association of Wargamers' annual games convention, running an infinity participation table.

Exhausting but a lot of fun, quite a few people appear to have caught the bug - helped by Corvus Belli supplying me with a bunch of promotional blisterpacks, badges and posters to hand out to participants!

The first task was to get everything there, it's amazing what you can fit in a Smart:


The table plus the first set of gamers, most of them attracted to the table like helpless moths by the shiny LED display ball:


Now some close ups.

The Tankhunter with Autocannon figures out how to use the elevator and heads up to see the display:

While a Nomad Tsklon looks on before gunning down the Tankhunter:


Meanwhile the Yu Jing Su Jian makes mincemeat out of the interfering ALEPH forces, most of them taking panzerfaust rounds to the face:

The Su Jian then advances on the remnants of the Ariadna forces who by now are mostly corpses on various levels of The Globe Building:

The remaining Line Kazak valiently crawls out of the elevator on the top floor to try and shoot the Su Jian:


In a later game the Su Jian survives a Panzerfaust to the face from a Yaogat, guns down the Yaogat and a Djanbazan Sniper before being downed by a lowly Seed Soldier!


Lastly (for today) a couple of shots of the Tsyklon doing a Spiderman:

At one point the Tsyklon was walking around upside-down on the underside of the helipad to get lined up for shots.


One more day to go, so if you're in the area make sure to drop in to the convention, there are still a few blisterpacks left...


Part two is now up!

Fantastic game Ian. Wish I

Fantastic game Ian. Wish I had had time to play! Thanks for all your effort and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Thanks Clive! I might try and

Thanks Clive! I might try and make it down to one of the regular PAW meetings this Summer with some Infinity stuff.

Couldn't stay long

Couldn't stay long today...but will be at PAW allday Sunday. Hopefully I'll get a game in.

And it was a good game.

And it was a good game. Cheers for that Jon

Good, I'm hoping to run 3

Good, I'm hoping to run 3 rounds tomorrow. Something like 10:30, 12:30 & 2:30 but will fit a fourth in if I can.

Looks Great

Really nice looking table.Cant wait to give it a go tomorrow.   Which was the bot that could transform again?

The transforming bot was the

Thanks for that Ian. Been

Thanks for that Ian. Been eyeing up lots of it. I like the idea of a Mercs mixed force using bits from all the others