PAW 2012 Demo Table Report part 2

Following on from part one, some more photos from PAW 2012.

First up, some of the other SF&F tables. Beasts & Bionics' very nice-looking Puplp City game, I believe using Sarissa precision buildings:

You've got to love a knitted TARDIS!

Car Wars.

Mutant Chronicles.

Giants, giant-slayers and zombies?


In the first demo game of Sunday, the Su Jian transformerbot unfortunately walked into view of the Magister Knight (tucked in behind the streetlight) and somehow lost a four-burst Spifire firefight against the Magister's one-burst Panzerfaust and proceeded to fail all three armour saves from the explosive warhead. Little bits of Su Jian floated down all over the battlefield. You can see a variety of Infinity box sets in the background.

In the last game of the convention the PanOceania forces were halved by a single burst from the Nomad Tsyklon's Spitfire before the Magister Knight tried to sneak up on the Tsyklon and accompanying Clockmaker, eventually falling to the Tsyklon firing into the combat between the Clockmaker and Magister - miraculously hitting the Maagister with two shots and missing the Clockmaker altogether!

On the other side of the board the Combined Army were trying to advance on the Nomads (unsuccessfully) and the Ariadna who kept running away.

By the way, the Chassuer in the foreground was being used as a Line Kazak on the grounds that he was fully painted.

Toward the end of the game the Combined Army were wiped out trying to fire on the Nomads from too far away, the Ariadna Tankhunter spent a whole turn shooting at the Nomad Tomcat Engineer at long range, eventually getting a hit and blowing her up.

The last action of the game was the Tsyklon clambering over the Octagon Storage building to take out the Tankhunter, only to fall foul of a crit in reaction, resulting in a win for the Ariadna forces.


Finally, a closer shot of the Maghariba Guard 'The Car Crusher', in this game being used as scenery:


There are some more photos of the event over on PAW's Facebook gallery.


EDIT - I forgot to overview shots of the demo table!

Excellent board - and always

Excellent board - and always very busy!    I liked a number of the other games there - Pulp City, Frag 3D, Mutant Chronicles to name a few that I found very enjoyable.   Sorry you didnt win best participation game though, with all the effort you put in and all the people playing it  (Cant understand how that zombie game won.  Shop brought pre painted buildings, and barely anyone ever played it).   Now, off to find an led display ball ! 

Great weekend

Cheers for the pics. Yes it was Sarissa buildings. Great products. Is was a little massy at the time but we had games going on for most of the weekend.   Your table and demo was alot of fun. Thanks so muhc for that. Just about to start building my PanO