A Question of Scale

28mm has long been the most popular scale for science fiction wargaming although over the decades it's seen spurts in growth from 25mm to 28mm to 32mm! 28mm gives you a decent size model with room for detail and big enough to paint but in contrast the individual models can be expensive and a 4x4' or 6x4' board only represents a tiny area of ground given the weapon ranges involved in most SF universes.

6mm SF is the next most popular size where model scale and game scale are much closer and you can play vastly larger forces. However the models are tiny and can be hard to paint.

15mm SF has been around longer than Warhammer 40,000, the Laserburn and Traveller ranges being prime examples. In theory it hits the perfect compromise for size, detail and affordability but never quite made it into the big time compared to the other scales. I doubt that's going to change any time soon but 15mm SF does seem to be having a resurgence at the moment with a whole load of small companies' models and rules available via the net.

Robin Fitton's recently released Gruntz ruleset sparked my interest in 15mm SF again with it's unit creation rules allowing you to field pretty much any model you can think of - and I can think of quite a few!

Having mostly collected GW models over the years I have loads of 28mm and 6mm SF but only a few 15mm models here and there but with a little imagination it's surprising how many models from other scales could be used.

Without further ado, I present my small collection of 15mm models plus some scale tests using other models.

First up is a scale photo showing a plastic GW Space Marine and metal Infinity Haqqislam Hafza  behind a light scout tank, punk and PA Trooper originally produced by Alternative Armies but now available from 15mm.co.uk.

More photos of the ex-Alternative Armies models:

A couple of models for use as as unmanned tracked telepresence drones, on the left a 28mm drone from GZG, on the right a roughly 6mm scale Battletech clicky tank with no windows or hatches to show scale:

A quick and cheap way to make a swarmy aliens force, GW metal and plastic Rippers:

An Infinity Nomad Tsyklon on the left would probably need rebasing ( pain given the metal base extensions!) with the first version of the GW Epic Eldar Revenant on the right, both of them again needing to be robots or telepresence drones as there's not enough room for pilots inside.

OOP Tau Stealth Suits as light mecha/Landmates. Again, rebasing would be good as I find that slottabases generally look too tall/intrusive when used with smaller scales. This would also be a good moment to add details to the bases to make them more specifically 15mm instead of 28mm.

Last but definitely not least, my sole AT43 purchase - the mighty Baal Golgoth, picked up in the sales when Rackham and their US distributor parted ways a few years ago. Imposing in 28mm on it's 130mm diameter base, massive in 15mm!

I'd love to do a scenario inspired by Appleseed Book 1 based around some smaller units desperately trying to slow that one down!


So, do you do any 15mm gaming and do you have any ideas for models from other scales that would work well?