A Question of Scale Part 2

After a bit of a gaming break I've been having another look at Robin Fitton's Gruntz system and unit creation rules and letting my imagination run riot with shoehorning other scale minis in to make up for a lack of 15mm models on my part.

A couple of people on the Gruntz Yahoo list have been discussing using some of the small helper drones from Infinity as heavy powered armour/drop troops in 15mm scale and as not everyone is familiar with their size I decided to do a series of scale photos against a 5mm grid background.

First we have: Ground Zero Games R2, Alternative Armies punk, Infinity Nomad Crazy Koala, GZG astronaut, Infinity Zondbot, AA Crusader and GZG Wally.

The AA models are quite chunky compared to the more accurate-to-scale size of the GZG human but the Zondbot is a good size for a heavy trooper even if it's not the right shape for a human to be inside. The PanOceania Palbots are a lot closer to human proportions but I don't have any of them.

Now a couple of Tsyklon Sputniks, again from the Nomad faction in Infinity.

About the same bulk as a small truck these make nice beefy walkers in 15mm scale and the small weaponry really fits well at this scale.


While I had the grid set up it seemed like a good idea to do scale shots of some of the other 28mm and 6mm models I'm going to be subverting.

28mm Tyranid Rippers:

6mm 2nd edition Epic Tyranid Hive Tyrant, AA Crusader, GZG astronaut, 6mm 2nd ed. Tyranid Harridan (courtesy of @KurtJHanson on Twitter), 28mm Ripper:

The 3rd edition Tyrants were much smaller, this larger one is again nice and beefy, equivalent to a light mech or heavy PA. The Harridan is close to the upper limit in size for what I find plausible for a winged creature in a harder SF setting.

6mm plastic Lictors, 6mm 2nd edition Trygon:

The modern 28mm plastic Trygon doesn't bear much resemblance to this original version but I like both. There's not really anything scale-specific on this model, it would even work as a larger 28mm Ripper. The Lictors I'm not so sure about.

A couple of bigger humanoids - the Hive Tyrant again, this time facing up to the old OOP metal Tau Stealth Suit:

Apart from the gun maybe being a bit over-sized the Stealth Suit works really well as a light mech/Landmate, give it a couple of human-size operator arms on the torso and you could picture a human fitting inside it. The disadvantage is that it's a model so strongly associated with 28mm/40k that some extra effort will be required to make it look like a 15mm model. Scenery on the base could help, as could replacing the base with a 25mm diameter 1.5mm ply disc base.

Big stuff -  a proper scale photo of a 28mm Screamer-Killer Carnifex!

'It's behind me, isn't it!'

Next up, a variety of 6mm Epic Eldar constructs, the original Revnenant Scout Titan, a Bright Stallion Eldar Knight and a Dreadnought/Wraithlord:

I think these would make a great force without involving any 'normal' troops - units of the Wraithlords as PA equivalents, the Knights as different types of Specialist and the Revenant as a Mech (with jump-jets!).

Finally, some 28mm resin Kryomek eggs, perfect for some oversize bug-hunting...







http://shop.groundzerogames.net (astronauts, small bots)

http://15mm.co.uk/Retained_Knights.htm (the old Alternative Armies range)

http://15mm.co.uk/HOF11_Trators.htm (AA punk)

http://www.scotiagrendel.com (the Kryomek scenery is still buried on their site somewhere)

EDIT - you can find some 6mm Epic Tyranid models (including Harridans) in the webstore!


Nice Photos

Great set of photos there and a handy reference!

Ta! If I find the time any

Ta! If I find the time any new 15mm acquisitions will be photographed the same way.