Recent Purchases (Salute and Legionary)

Between Salute and then the local Legionary show in Exeter, I picked up a few new bits and pieces, mostly for use with my Epic Death Guard.

First up, some demons from Magister Militum, for use as Bloodletters:

They're a bit chunkier and crider than I would have liked, but they'll do the job. Size-wise they're similar to the old GW metal Epic version (middle model):

I also picked up some winged demons to use as Furies, or possible Bloodthirsters!


DEM1 Demon Command are 8 for £3, DEM2 Demon Horde are 8 for £3 and DEM3 Winged Demons are 4 for £3. 

The winged demons are somewhat pricy for 15mm, getting on for a pound a piece, but the good thing about using slightly larger single models for an entire unit in Epic means that they go a long way...


Next up were some 10mm Giant Worms from Pendraken. Unfortunately the Pendraken web store doesn't have any photos of these up (shame on you!) and I actually came across them via the sculptor's WiP forum thread while doing an image search for 10mm demons.

The top row are the FW01 Males, second row F02 Females and bottom two rows F03 Siblings, all at £1.95 per pack.


They make perfect (if slightly big) Beast of Nurgle proxies but would also be great for Chaos Spawn or Tyranid Gribblies. Although they're more expensive than the MM demons, I find them to be far better sculpts, both technically and aesthetically. Eleven gribbly units for Epic for a stunning £5.85. :-)


I also picked up another set of triangular track units from Zinge Industries, to match the ones used for my Plague Tower:


At Legionary I made it to the Clockwork Goblin stand having missed them at Salute and picked up some 15mm weird world war turrets, a perfect fit for the Shield Generator installations I have planned for a big Epic siege game later in the year.


GB Defender Shield Turrets, 3 for £5. These are very cleanly cast in a nice workable resin. One or two of these will go on top of large bunkers using old Epic plastic rooftops a la White Dwarf 144 while the third just happens to be a perfect fit on the top of a little resin SF tower I had lying around - photo to come.


Other purchases include some Ainsty Temple Dogs to join my existing collection on the Infinity tables.