ALEPH Dasyu Hacker

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A single-model blister, the Dasyu are elite thermo-optic camouflaged killers.

Pose & Styling

The Dasyus Hacker keeps the sleek styling of all ALEPH units but is even sleeker than the assault units like Achilles or the Myrmidons. Apparently wearing a skin-tight suit with a few armoured panels, this is definitely a curvy figure, pun intended.

As has become quite common with Infinity figures, the model is standing with one raised foot on a piece of scenery. While this gives the model a more dynamic pose it makes the models hard to rebase - although the ripped-up floor panel does fit the model much better than some of the rocky outcrops that the spaceship-dwelling Nomads have been getting.

The 'Boyz in Da Hood' crossed-arm pose is something I'm still not sure about, months after the model was released, although it does look better in the flesh.


Parts & Fit


The Dasyus Hacker is a four piece model with a torso/head/legs piece, two separate arms and a long ponytail.

The pieces in the review blister were very clean with feed lines generally coming in in sensible places although some of the tassel detail on the end of the hair braid is obscured.

The right arm and Combi Rifle piece is a very snug fit into the right shoulder and side of the chest, resting against the body most of the way across the chest so there is a very long contact area for gluing.

The left arm doesn't have as long a contact area but sticks out much less far. You will need to consider leaving off the left arm for painting as it will be nearly impossible to paint the front of the torso with it glued in place. i've seen some good conversions turning the shoulder by ninety degrees so that the arm goes down the side of the torso and then parallel to the torso as an alternative pose, but this means some cutting and repositioning of the upper arm and potentially the elbow as well.

The hair braid has a small nub fitting into a hole in the back of the head and also swells into a wider area at the contact point than I'd feared, but for enough robustness to survive gaming I'd recommend pinning or leaving it off. Filling the small hole would be easy.



  • Very sleek and crisp styling.
  • A good SF female fighter sculpt without going down the route of chainmail bikinis or short T-shirts.


  • 'Foot scenery' makes the model hard to rebase, although the foot to panel contact area is small if you wanted to cut it off.
  • Very hard to paint once the left arm is glued in place..


In summary, a good clean sculpt but the pose might not appeal to all.