Bandua Wargames CTB Crates x 2

Company: Bandua Wargames

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Bandua produce a wide range of laser-cut MDF terrain including an Infinity-specific range. The CTB crates are from their general SF range.


Looks & Styling

The CTB crates are relatively plain in style however the etched surface detail and the slitted areas work well together.


Parts, Fit & Construction

Each crate comes as a sheet of MDF containing four sides, the top and bottom.


As you can see above, the sheets were generally cleanly cut with little need to 'help' pieces out. The close-up shows the worst-cut piece.

Construction was a very simple tab-and-hole affair, with the tabs easily fitting into the holes.



Scale & Dimensions, Game Use & Robustness

The crates are 28mm scale, 55mm square by 65mm high. Easily big enough to hide even a bulky 28mm model like a Terminator but not big enough to hide a whole Dreadnought-sized vehicle.


The 2.5mm MDF used for the crates is not as thick as that used by most of the other laser-cut scenery companies but due to the design this has little effect on the robustness of the design.

Some nice touches include the way the crates interlock very solidly when stacking, the indents on the bottom being high enough for a standard base to fit slightly under the crate and the railings at the top being high enough to hide a prone model.



Useful scatter terrain for SF games 28mm and larger (would like fine next to 54mm figures), robust but a bit pricy at 6€ per crate.



  • Robust.
  • Looks convincing.
  • Generic enough for multi-system use.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Price.



Update Jan 30th

Painted crate: