Infinity Ariadna Tankhunter with Autocannon

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Tankhunters do exactly what their name would suggest, they hunt and take down tanks, TAGs and Heavy Infantry.

The Tankhunter was released relatively early in Infinity's releases but the sculpt stands up well to newer ones.

Sharing the general Ariadna look of modern armed forces with lots of webbing and equipment the Tankhunter with Autocannon has a much grittier in feel than the high-tech factions like ALEPH or PanOceania. He's standing in a pose that leans well back to counteract the weight of the gun barrel although what would happen when the gun actually fires might be quite painful, no matter how much recoil suppression is built in.


Construction-wise the Tankhunter comes in five parts, legs/torso/head, Autocannon and right arm, backpack, left arm and finally the left hand and cannon handle. The torso part of the model was excellently cast with minor mould lines and no flash. The backpack and left arm came on a small bit of metal sprue and needed some cleaning, as did the left hand/handle part. All three of those parts had metal strips coming out of them but as these were attached in areas without detail this wasn't a problem. The Autocannon however was very flashy and needed quite a bit of cleaning up, however the mould lines were most visible along the top and bottom of the gun where they were also the easiest to file down.

The arms fit onto the shoulders very snugly with plenty of contact area on the right shoulder and very little possible movement. The right should was also a tight fit but this was more problematic as either the arm was in slightly the wrong position of the cannon handle was too long as the left hand was further out than the left wrist. As the cannon handle was fiddly to attach anyway with small contact areas I ended up drilling larger holes into the sides of the gun so that the ends of the handle went right into the body and moced the hand much closer to the wrist. In the end I had the right arm glued to the body and the left arm glued to the handle which was rotating in the holes in the cannon. I then rotated the handle around until the left arm met the should and glued the shoulder and pivot points of the handle. The backpack then glued onto the back of the body with few problems.

Although the handle and left arm were fiddly to attach, he right shoulder joint is so solid that I didn't bother pinning any of the joints but still feel that it won't fall apart if knocked of a raised firing point when playing.


  • It's got a BFG!
  • Good pose making it look like the gun is heavy.
  • Well detailed body and backpack.
  • Very solid right shoulder joint.


  • Fiddly left arm/wrist/handle arrangement.
  • Some minor miscasting and mould lines on gun.

In summary, the fiddliness of assembly was well worth it for the end result and I'm just waiting for the club's slow grow league to reach a points level high enough for the Autocannon to be fielded. Bwa ha ha ha haaaa!


P.S. When evaluating my Infinity reviews, bear in mind that I like the range enough to stock it. ;-) So here's the link to the Autocannon Tankhunter on the webstore.