Micro Art Studio Infinity Tech-Coffin x 2

Company: Micro Art Studio

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Part of Micro Art Studio's extensive range of Infinity items, this blister contains two resin 'crash coffins', one-person re-entry vehicles. Specifically designed for some of the missions in Campaign: paradiso it's also useful as a general objective marker.



Looks & Styling

Representing a landed and opened pod, the crash coffin has a fairly high-tech feel. Detailing is crisp. The design has the two control panels clearly in easy reach of the set, my one (minor) gripe with the aesthetics of the design would be the three-part seat belt being neatly closed after the occupant has crashed down into a gravity well and scrambled out.


Parts, Fit & Construction

As a one-piece cast there is no construction required. There were a few air bubbles in the review copies but not in worrying quantities.


Scale & Dimensions, Game Use & Robustness

Designed as a 28mm item, each crash coffin is based on a 40mm disc, is about 33mm high and the fins make around 60mm long.

The main body of the pod is very robust but the fins on the back end are a bit thin for my liking, especially the upper one which also protrudes further and shows noticeable flex as there is a very slight taper where the fin meets the body. Although I was also worried about the strength of the front panel it's thicker and slightly curved so it's much stronger than the fins.

As an objective marker the item is perfect but could also be used as general scatter terrain, especially at the end of a series of craters...

I could also see some use for this in 15mm gaming where the size would be more convincing, but you'd need to resculpt the interior or add a replacement cover.



A useful objective marker for a decent price, slightly let down by weak fins.



  • Nice design.
  • Decent price (£3 per coffin).
  • One-piece casting means no construction is required.


  • Fins are a weak point.