Salute 2011

Last weekend I headed up to Salute with some mates, and took a few photographs on the way...

This paraglider was seen somewhere over the M5.

A very wide load, the M4 was miraculously clear once we were past it:

Landmark time on the edge of London:

Pre-Salute Pizza:


Now on to the day itself! Simple Miniatures were running Infinity and Malifaux demos on some lovely tables, although I thought that the Infinity table was frighteningly open:

Plus their awesome Malifaux tables:


Warlord put on an enormous Celt v. Roman siege, just the kind of massive game I'd expect from Stallard & Priestley.


As much as I might like or dislike Battlefront Games, their Gallipoli table was one of the stars of the show:


A special shout-out to Chris Clayton of Gigantic Miniatures, he couldn't make it but posters for his Masterclass sessions were plastered across the place:


A pile of dead Space Marines near the Black Library stand:


WWI trenches and dogfights:


The Frother's excellent Call of Cthulheudo table, I like to think of it as the 'In the Library with the Lead Tentacle!' game:


Nearby was a large and impressive Aeronef table with some lovely islands, I'll be using some of these photos as reference material if Dystopian Wars takes off locally:


Plus a rather nice little chariot race and Hulk-style game:


A winter WWII table:


Another WWI dogfight:


The World of Twilight table using laser-cut styrene buildings. Very Froudian and a system/models that I'm tempted to take a closer look at:


A Three Musketeers-style swashbuckler, as I walked past i'm pretty sure someone was describing how their character was swinging from the chandelier...


Daleks & Cybermen!


Some 15mm SF from Dark Realms EDIT - Critical Mass Games, many apologies!




'No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!'


Medieval Japanese siege:


A Mercs game with some Alternate WWII weirdness in the background:


'Not Stargate honest guv!'


WWII skirmish:


Some effective cork-bark cliffs. With vultures!


Finally, for now, Jed of Antenociti's Workshop offers up a park for inspection:

I took enough photos of Jed's table to do a whole extra blog post...

So that was Salute 2011 and a great event it was, hopefully I'll see you all there next year!


The 15mm sci fi was from

The 15mm sci fi was from critical mass games

Oops. I could have sworn

Oops. I could have sworn there was a big Dark Realms sign on one end, I'll edit the article accordingly!