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Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.4.3 vs White Scars

Another Death Guard batrep, this was also testing out the Border War mission being used in the club's upcoming EXETERminatus tournament in May.

Due to time constraints we played a 2k game. The main difference to the previous batrep is that the midline objectives were further apart, objectives were held before rallying and only one garrison was allowed per player.


Table & Deployment

Note that these photos were taken at the end of the game not the beginning!

Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.4.2 vs Speed Freeks

The second batrep with the NetEA Death Guard 0.4.x list.

This was a more rounded list than the previous one, but was again trying out 'new' formations and units such as the Armoured Assault Company of Vindicators with a full set of Plague Hulks, Chosen with massed Chaos Spawn and Assault Dreadnoughts and also double Plague Zombie Infestations. We were also trying a variant scenario as a test for the upcoming Epic tournament in Exeter on May 20th, based on Border War from this thread.

Roughly speaking, the mission has four objectives which are scored at the end of every turn, based on the most unbroken units (not formations) within 15cm of that objective, with deeper than standard Deployment Zones. Due to slow play and an unusually busy club night we only managed two out of a planned three turns. 

Near objective: 1 point

Midline objectives: 2 points each

Furthest objective: 4 points

Paul took a fairly normal Speed Freeks list.


Table & Deployment

Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.4.1 vs NetEA White Scars

The first batrep with the NetEA Death Guard 0.4.1 list.

Particular effort was taken with the Death Guard list to try out updated units, new/updated formation upgrades and an army list of generally very slow formations.

My Death Guard ListMy Death Guard List

Paul T's White Scars ListPaul T's White Scars List

Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.3.3 vs NetEA White Scars

The first batrep with the 0.3.3 release of the NetEA Death Guard list, playing against NetEA White Scars Marines.

Note that this post was put together semi-automatically from the notes made during the game - all the notes should show up if you are clicking through the larger images, but you'll need to dismiss the larger images to read the game result at the bottom of the page.


Incompertus, 2990 POINTS 

Death Guard (NetEA V0.3.3 Ian's local copy) 

Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.3.1 vs Ork Speed Freaks


For assorted reasons I'm now Army Champion for the NetEA Epic Death Guard army. DG 0.3 development thread

As part of this I'm keeping a closer track on what happens in my Epic games. Here's the first full batrep.

Deployed armies, first table end.Deployed armies, first table end.

Deployed armies, fortification end.Deployed armies, fortification end.


My list:

Death Guard v Iyanden Batrep

This was a 3000 point Epic Armageddon game between my development-stage NetEA Death Guard and Richard D's Epic-UK Iyanden force.

Epic Blight Drones Tutorial

One issue with Epic being a 'dead' game in terms of support from the parent company is that when new units get added to 40k and ported across to Epic it can be hard finding a suitable model.

As a Nurgle player, Blight Drones are a particularly tricky one for this. However, I've found a relatively easy kitbash:


Death Guard 2015

I've recently got back into Epic Armageddon in a sizeable way - having decided to go to the Counterattack tournament in Bath last weekend I got in a few practice games and managed to come fourth out of twenty! I've also been digging around on the net to see what new variant lists there are around and came across a new experimental version of the NetEA Death Guard list. On Tuesday I got in a test game against Richard at the club, using an Iyanden Eldar list. Long story short, formations of Plague Towers (here proxied with a couple of Capitol Imperialis models) are freaking terrifying.


Death Guard Update & Status Sheet

I tend to run a lot of 'multi-wound' war machines in my Epic Death Guard forces so decided to do a war machine status sheet to keep track of damage, void shields and blast markers on multiple gribblies at once. As this required a photo-shoot to have photos of the actual units on the sheet, I took the opportunity to do a group shot of all the painted models.

So, group shot!

Status sheet:

MAS Alien Objective, Death Guard Status Sheet

I've not had much time for painting Epic models recently but thanks to a bout of insomnia managed to paint up one of Micro Art Studio's alien objectives (available online here, hint hint ;-) ).

Having previously noted it's scale-less nature I'd based it to match my Epic Death Guard force on a ply base with Vallejo Sandy Paste for texture.

To give very vibrant colours but plenty of depth in tone and variation of colour I started with a white undercoat over grey and worked down from the palest areas with multiple layers of washes, glazes and thinned paint. This let me add lots of different colours while working down into the shadows, making it a very satisfying model to work on. The pink areas then got a little bit of edge highlighting at the end. Overall I used something like twenty different paints/glazes/inks on this!

Here it is with a Nomad Moderator.

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