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Recent Purchases (Salute and Legionary)

Between Salute and then the local Legionary show in Exeter, I picked up a few new bits and pieces, mostly for use with my Epic Death Guard.

First up, some demons from Magister Militum, for use as Bloodletters:

Salute 2014 Part One - Fantasy Tables

Time for my annual photo-blog of Salute, South London Warlords' big wargaming convention.

There were a lot of incredible tables this year. Starting with...



Salute 2013 Photo-Blog

So this weekend involved the annual trek to London for Salute on Saturday, the biggest dedicated wargaming show in the UK, and possibly Europe.

Rather than shoving all the images into one post, this year I've set up a bunch of sub-galleries and will include only the picks here.


Antenociti's Workshop

Jed from AW is working on a new table suitable for Infinity, with a strong jungle/woodland theme. He says it's about 60% done so I'm curious about how it's going to look when it's done!

Table overview.Table overview. Plenty of flora and fauna.Plenty of flora and fauna.

Gencon Tournament Photos

Courtesy of reddragon66 on the Infinity forums, photos from the Infinity tournament at Gencon yesterday. Discussion thread here.

Gencon Infinity Photos

Courtesy of (H+) and reddragon76 on the Infinity forums, Corvus Belli's Infinity display cabinet at Gencon:


Legionary 2012 Report

Another Legionary has come and gone.

Not massively busy in terms of attendees but the Infinity roadshow games were well attended. Here's the table:


Salute 2012

I was a bit busy running around talking to people and then running an Infinity intro game to do a proper photo-blog like last year, but here's the photos I did get...

Weather on the drive up on Friday afternoon was... interesting.

The queue to get in, on the other hand, was just long.

PAW 2012 Demo Table Report part 2

Following on from part one, some more photos from PAW 2012.

First up, some of the other SF&F tables. Beasts & Bionics' very nice-looking Puplp City game, I believe using Sarissa precision buildings:

You've got to love a knitted TARDIS!

PAW 2012 Demo Table Report

Today I was down in Plymouth for day one of Plymouth Association of Wargamers' annual games convention, running an infinity participation table.

Exhausting but a lot of fun, quite a few people appear to have caught the bug - helped by Corvus Belli supplying me with a bunch of promotional blisterpacks, badges and posters to hand out to participants!

The first task was to get everything there, it's amazing what you can fit in a Smart:

Legionary 2011 - Infinity Participation Report

Last Saturday was Legionary, the local wargames convention. The games club that I belong to, the Exeter Inquisition, put on two participation games: a 40k Kill Team game with a small squad of Imperial Guard facing endless waves of zombies and at the other end of the table an urban Infinity setup.

The 40k game, plus rather a lot of zombies:

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