Games Conventions

Salute 2011

Last weekend I headed up to Salute with some mates, and took a few photographs on the way...

This paraglider was seen somewhere over the M5.

A very wide load, the M4 was miraculously clear once we were past it:

Landmark time on the edge of London:

Pre-Salute Pizza:

PAW 2011 Convention Report

This past weekend was the annual games convention put on by Plymouth Association of Wargamers. I travelled down for the Saturday, not having enough time this year to go down on both days for the Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

The convention was made up of a gym hall full of traders around the edge with participation and demo games in the middle and a second hall full of tournament games so it was a fairly standard layout.

There were a number of interesting gaming tables in the main hall:

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