Qapu Khalki - Use of Hafzas

The Qapu Khalki Sectorial for Haqqislam has a particular unit which has almost infinite potential for mind games - the Hafza. Hafzas are lead-from-the-front officers named after guardian angels an have some special but not all that obvious abilities.

By the way, if you're not an Infinity player, a Sectorial force is effectively a themed sub-list from that faction with tweaked unit availability and the ability to 'link' certain models together to act as a close-knit unit.


Haqqislam Odalisques Box Set

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The Odalisques are female bodyguards from the Haqqislam faction. This box set replaces the older blister with Boarding Shotgun. This is a more in-depth review than usual as these are my own models for my own army...

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