Laser Cut Scenery

Bandua Wargames CTB Crates x 2

Company: Bandua Wargames

Retail Price: 

Bandua produce a wide range of laser-cut MDF terrain including an Infinity-specific range. The CTB crates are from their general SF range.


Looks & Styling

The CTB crates are relatively plain in style however the etched surface detail and the slitted areas work well together.


Parts, Fit & Construction

Each crate comes as a sheet of MDF containing four sides, the top and bottom.

Warmill Foodbooth 9000 (Dolphin Snack version)

Retail Price: 

Warmill's growing range of Street Wars scenery now includes several different types of building, including this retail food booth. 


Legionary 2012 Report

Another Legionary has come and gone.

Not massively busy in terms of attendees but the Infinity roadshow games were well attended. Here's the table:


Sarissa Habitation Pod - Settler

Retail Price: 

Coming to market toward the end of 2011 was Sarissa Precision's 'System ∞' set of modular laser-cut MDF scenery. As the Settler Pod is largely identical to the previously reviewed Explorer Pod this review will mostly look at changes from the smaller pod.

The Settler Pod is in the middle of the sizes of buildings available from Sarissa.


Warmill Portable Utility Pod (P.U.P.)

Retail Price: 

Only released in February, Warmill's range of PUPs is still fairly small although it's part of their larger Street Wars range of enclosures etc. 


Sarissa Habitation Pod - Explorer

Retail Price: 

Coming to market toward the end of 2011 was Sarissa Precision's 'System ∞' set of modular laser-cut MDF scenery. From the name of the range Sarissa are clearly targetting the terrain-hungry needs of Corvus Belli's Infinity game and I'll be reviewing the kit accordingly.

The Explorer Pod is the smallest of the buildings in the range and is priced accordingly.


MAS District Five Apartment Building Mk. 2

Company: Micro Art Studio

Retail Price: 

Micro Art Studio's District 5 Apartment kit was one of the first mass-market laser cut SF buildings when it came out last year. This review covers the recent version 2 release which is cosmetically identical but has a slightly differently shaped floor piece to allow for future modularity. As far as I'm aware the two different versions of the kit will stack on top of each other but the floors and the long walls from the older version can't be interchanged with the new version or upcoming related models.

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