Miniature Monday

Epic Death Guard - Objectives & Nurglings

Following on from yesterday's blog post, I've been basing up a proxied 'Plague Zombie Infestation' and working on some objective markers.

The models for the zombies infestation are a mix of Space Marine-era Nurgling piles, some early Eighties Citadel C29 Creepy Crawlies range scorpions and some leech/centipede models from an unknown manufacturer - picked up at a games convention at some point. After trying out how they would look on 20mm ply discs I decided to go for 25mm discs instead as it would make the lips of the built-in bases easier to hide.


Epic Death Guard - Contagion Engine Conversions

It's been a while since I played Epic regularly but Epic Armageddon is seeing a bit of a revival at the club, so I've dug out the remnants of my semi-painted Nurgle forces.

To go with the painted Death Guard stands so first new addition will be a formation of Contagion Engines for some long-range firepower. Inspired by mageboltrat's excellent Bombard conversions that appear in the Epic UK army list PDF I decided to do my own conversions rather than tracking down some of the old metal catapult models.

Yet More Scenery, OceanBlue Update

I was walking through the local newsagent the other week and saw this mysterious package attached to a magazine:

Turns out it was a 1/72nd scale die-cast Chinook, part of a collectible helicopters magazine. As I'm always on the look out for more things to clutter up an Infinity battlefield and a Chinook is just the kind of old work-horse design I can see Ariadna using, I picked it up for the princely sum of £7.99.

Miniature Monday - Monster Truck Edition

After a very busy period I've applied paint to something for the first time in well over a month, and almost the fist blog post in that time as well...

Using a new technique, I think picked up from a comment by Precinct Omega, this was a cheap plastic truck picked up from a charity stall at a fair. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before any work started but on the right you can see what colour it used to be - a bit too obviously a toy:

Odalisque Arm Swap

Quite a long time ago I bought a bunch of Infinity Odalisques with the idea of forming a unit of them. As there are only two models available this was likely to involve some conversion work. Also the Odalisque illustration in the Human Sphere rulebook has a much better pose - seen below on the cover of the Beasts of War quick start PDF alongside the two released sculpts:


Infinity Überfallkommando & GZG Drone Assembly

Having finally broken open my Überfallkommando box set that was bought back in the Autumn, the assembly of the Chimera and Evil Ram Pupnik (henceforth known as the Evil Goat Git) was involved enough to deserve a blog post in addition to the review!


First, Evil Goat Git.

Moderator Sniper Conversion

For #miniaturemonday this week I decided to do a blog post covering a conversion I've wanted to do for a while - a Infinity Nomad Sniper. In game terms it's a bit of an oddity as you'd usually be better off having the Multi Sniper Rifle on a more powerful unit, but as part of a Link Team it could be quite nasty.

Anyway, here goes. Some plasticard rod, 1mm metal wire, the 'bunny girl' Moderator, an Intruder Sniper's Multi Sniper Rifle (for comparisons) and one of Antenociti's resin spaceship bases.

Infinity Painting Pledge Update Part 1

After all too many months since the last update, it's time to let you know how my painting pledge is doing.

Since April I assembled and painted a bunch more Infinity Nomads in the run up to a tournament:

Masaai scout with Crazy Koalas:

Hellcat drop-troop with HMG:

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