Construction - Epic Defiler and Infinity Szalmandra

In the last couple of weeks I started getting paint on the Epic objectives and the swarm:


Campaign Paradiso Mission 102 Batrep

or, Nomad Nutters v. Caledonian Nutters: the Batrep

If you're not familiar with the Campaign: Paradiso missions, 102 basically involves trying to get a single model around four out of five objectives scattered across the table. In the right order. Needing to start off where the first model left off if the model gets taken out. In four turns! For more details, see my Tabletop Nation release event report.

First, the table:

Bakunin Überfallkommando Box Set

Retail Price: 

A four model box set, the Überfallkommando consists of a Chimera (a cyborg undercover operative) and her three Pupniks, human-animal hybrids bred for the underground fighting circuit.

Definitely a kit for the advanced modeller, the Chimera in particular is a tricky build.

Infinity Tsyklon 360

An Infinity Nomad Tsyklon Sputnik.

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