Plymouth Association of Wargamers

PAW 2012 Demo Table Report part 2

Following on from part one, some more photos from PAW 2012.

First up, some of the other SF&F tables. Beasts & Bionics' very nice-looking Puplp City game, I believe using Sarissa precision buildings:

You've got to love a knitted TARDIS!

PAW 2012 Demo Table Report

Today I was down in Plymouth for day one of Plymouth Association of Wargamers' annual games convention, running an infinity participation table.

Exhausting but a lot of fun, quite a few people appear to have caught the bug - helped by Corvus Belli supplying me with a bunch of promotional blisterpacks, badges and posters to hand out to participants!

The first task was to get everything there, it's amazing what you can fit in a Smart:

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