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Micro Art Studio Infinity Tech-Coffin x 2

Company: Micro Art Studio

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Part of Micro Art Studio's extensive range of Infinity items, this blister contains two resin 'crash coffins', one-person re-entry vehicles. Specifically designed for some of the missions in Campaign: paradiso it's also useful as a general objective marker.



Looks & Styling

Representing a landed and opened pod, the crash coffin has a fairly high-tech feel. Detailing is crisp. The design has the two control panels clearly in easy reach of the set, my one (minor) gripe with the aesthetics of the design would be the three-part seat belt being neatly closed after the occupant has crashed down into a gravity well and scrambled out.

Bandua Wargames CTB Crates x 2

Company: Bandua Wargames

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Bandua produce a wide range of laser-cut MDF terrain including an Infinity-specific range. The CTB crates are from their general SF range.


Looks & Styling

The CTB crates are relatively plain in style however the etched surface detail and the slitted areas work well together.


Parts, Fit & Construction

Each crate comes as a sheet of MDF containing four sides, the top and bottom.

Blank Dice Cube Adshells PDF

Warmill Foodbooth 9000 (Dolphin Snack version)

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Warmill's growing range of Street Wars scenery now includes several different types of building, including this retail food booth. 


ALEPH Probots

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A box set of two miniatures, the Probots are support robots carrying baggage.

AT-AT Monorail Part 2, OceanBlue Apartments, Dalek Deconstruction

Some more progress on the AT-AT Monorail project.

The next step after getting the basic structure done was to add some detailing. This was going to take the form of an access ladder made by gluing strips of plasticard but instead I decided to go in the other direction and make them less accessible and went with a barbed wire anti-climbing defence. Plus the top part of the knee joint where the brass tubes are attached was closed off with some plasticard.

AT-AT Monorail WIP

If you're a certain age, you'll have fond (or possibly envious) memories of the Seventies and Eighties Kenner Star Wars toys. I know I was envious of a friend who had the monstrously-large AT-AT. Fast-forward a few decades and AT-ATs and parts of AT-ATs come up pretty regularly on eBay - and every so often seeing some interesting bits for a good price coincides with having some hobby cash...

So back in April I spotted a set of four AT-AT legs going for the princely sum of 99p plus £4.49 postage and put in a bid on the off-chance, thinking that they'd make great support columns for some kind of raised railway. Enter the AT-AT Monorail!

First off, in 28mm scale, these things are HUGE. OK, the Nomad Moderator (minus her arms) is skinny, but she's dwarfed. On the right you can see the original concept, have the lower leg upright with the thigh at an angle and add some kind of strut (in red) that the rail could be supported by and have the train (in green) hanging off that. What would form the rail itself I had no idea.


Dice Cube Adshells in Action

Last night I got to put the adshells into action in an Infinity game for the first time.


Dice Cube Adverts

Welcome to the landing pad for the adcubes!




Dice Cube Adshells PDF

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