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ALEPH Dasyu Hacker

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A single-model blister, the Dasyu are elite thermo-optic camouflaged killers.

Warmill Portable Utility Pod (P.U.P.)

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Only released in February, Warmill's range of PUPs is still fairly small although it's part of their larger Street Wars range of enclosures etc. 


Sarissa Habitation Pod - Explorer

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Coming to market toward the end of 2011 was Sarissa Precision's 'System ∞' set of modular laser-cut MDF scenery. From the name of the range Sarissa are clearly targetting the terrain-hungry needs of Corvus Belli's Infinity game and I'll be reviewing the kit accordingly.

The Explorer Pod is the smallest of the buildings in the range and is priced accordingly.


MAS District Five Apartment Building Mk. 2

Company: Micro Art Studio

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Micro Art Studio's District 5 Apartment kit was one of the first mass-market laser cut SF buildings when it came out last year. This review covers the recent version 2 release which is cosmetically identical but has a slightly differently shaped floor piece to allow for future modularity. As far as I'm aware the two different versions of the kit will stack on top of each other but the floors and the long walls from the older version can't be interchanged with the new version or upcoming related models.

PanOceania Guarda de Assalto

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A two-model blisterpack, the Guarda de Assalto is a fast-moving powered armour trooper accompanied by a monowheel drone.

Noticably less complex to build than last week's Chimera, the Guarda de Assalto is notable for having two different sets of arms with different weapon loadouts.

How-to: SF Streetlights

30 minutes
As many streetlights as you have torches.

Antenociti's Workshop Sci-Fi Secure Crates x 12

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This is a set of twelve 15mm cubic crates in three states, plus four lids.

Infinity Ariadna Tankhunter with Autocannon

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Tankhunters do exactly what their name would suggest, they hunt and take down tanks, TAGs and Heavy Infantry.

The Tankhunter was released relatively early in Infinity's releases but the sculpt stands up well to newer ones.

Infinity Tsyklon 360

An Infinity Nomad Tsyklon Sputnik.

A Question of Scale Part 2

After a bit of a gaming break I've been having another look at Robin Fitton's Gruntz system and unit creation rules and letting my imagination run riot with shoehorning other scale minis in to make up for a lack of 15mm models on my part.

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