SF Wargaming

15mm SF & 28mm Desert Terrain

I didn't manage to get a test game of Gruntz on Tuesday at the local club due to a mix of falling attendance as the summer break approaches and people already being spread out between a lot of systems. However I did manage to take a few photos of the forces so far on our desert plateau Infinity table.

The 30mm polystyrene plateaus work well for both 28mm and 15mm figures, for 15mm they are even tall enough to hide vehicles in the ravines.

A Question of Scale

28mm has long been the most popular scale for science fiction wargaming although over the decades it's seen spurts in growth from 25mm to 28mm to 32mm! 28mm gives you a decent size model with room for detail and big enough to paint but in contrast the individual models can be expensive and a 4x4' or 6x4' board only represents a tiny area of ground given the weapon ranges involved in most SF universes.

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