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Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.4.3 vs White Scars

Another Death Guard batrep, this was also testing out the Border War mission being used in the club's upcoming EXETERminatus tournament in May.

Due to time constraints we played a 2k game. The main difference to the previous batrep is that the midline objectives were further apart, objectives were held before rallying and only one garrison was allowed per player.


Table & Deployment

Note that these photos were taken at the end of the game not the beginning!

Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.4.2 vs Speed Freeks

The second batrep with the NetEA Death Guard 0.4.x list.

This was a more rounded list than the previous one, but was again trying out 'new' formations and units such as the Armoured Assault Company of Vindicators with a full set of Plague Hulks, Chosen with massed Chaos Spawn and Assault Dreadnoughts and also double Plague Zombie Infestations. We were also trying a variant scenario as a test for the upcoming Epic tournament in Exeter on May 20th, based on Border War from this thread.

Roughly speaking, the mission has four objectives which are scored at the end of every turn, based on the most unbroken units (not formations) within 15cm of that objective, with deeper than standard Deployment Zones. Due to slow play and an unusually busy club night we only managed two out of a planned three turns. 

Near objective: 1 point

Midline objectives: 2 points each

Furthest objective: 4 points

Paul took a fairly normal Speed Freeks list.


Table & Deployment

Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.4.1 vs NetEA White Scars

The first batrep with the NetEA Death Guard 0.4.1 list.

Particular effort was taken with the Death Guard list to try out updated units, new/updated formation upgrades and an army list of generally very slow formations.

My Death Guard ListMy Death Guard List

Paul T's White Scars ListPaul T's White Scars List

Epic Batrep - Death Guard 0.3.3 vs NetEA White Scars

The first batrep with the 0.3.3 release of the NetEA Death Guard list, playing against NetEA White Scars Marines.

Note that this post was put together semi-automatically from the notes made during the game - all the notes should show up if you are clicking through the larger images, but you'll need to dismiss the larger images to read the game result at the bottom of the page.


Incompertus, 2990 POINTS 

Death Guard (NetEA V0.3.3 Ian's local copy) 

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