Having recently been inspired by this thread on the Datasphere forums, I went trawling eBay for cheap model trees and ended up ordering £20 of stuff from the Far East.

First up are the cherry trees in blossom. Technically they're a bit small for 28mm scenery but clumped together in some planters they should look fine and add some much needed colour to my urban layouts. Note that everything's still a bit compressed from being posted...


Next are some palms. Initially I thought they looked a bit big, but having recently seen some real ones in the flesh they're actually too small! Just the right size for a single 28mm model to take cover behind, though. I'll probably fix five onto washers with hot glue and add sand for use on th club's desert table, the other five will get some kind of plant pot, again for use on urban tables.


Next, some N-scale trees, with a similar wound wire and glued foam construction as the cherry trees. These are probably too small for 28mm but I'll do some experimenting.


Finally, some injection moulded trees with foam and flock foliage/blossoms, in five sizes. These are my favourites of the whole lot and will probably end up in tubs for more street furniture.



Well, finally, except for...

The same trees with some 15mm models. The cherry trees work well:

While the palms are pretty good:

The N-scale trees also work very well as saplings:

While the other trees don't quite look right, presumably the foam is too coarse.