Barracks Progress

The Barracks Indiegogo crowdfunder is now over, having raised $3,981 compared to the original $2,222 goal. :-)

However most of this was raised through book pledges rather than software pledges so the actual amount raised after costs is only 40% or so more than we were originally aiming for. :-(

So what's next?


Phase One - Writing

Over the next couple of weeks I will be taking the prototype/alpha version of the software and:

  • Updating all costs based on the new Gruntz 1.1 costs.
  • Adding units that hadn't been finished in the 1.0 prototype such as artillery.
  • Adding new unit types that are being introduced in Gruntz 1.1.
  • Replacing some of the unit card backgrounds.
  • Add automated 'check for updates' functionality.


Phase Two - Beta Testing

Once the bulk of that is done (this should be late June/early July*), all the people whose pledges included beta access will get access to a beta release of Barracks and to the beta tester's forum.

We'll then have several weeks of beta testing, feedback and bug-squashing.


Phase Three - Release

Once Robin and I are happy with the performance of Barracks, it will be released publicly and will be available for purchase by anyone. This is tentatively scheduled for late August*.


*Setting specific dates for software releases is an inexact science, by definition the unforeseeable snags you can run across are unforeseeable… ;-)