Cherry Trees, Planters & Pipes

In preparation for the local Legionary convention at the weekend I managed to get some scatter terrain done.

First are some planters. The planters themselves were from Antenociti's Workshop, as are the small clumps, while the cherry trees were from eBay.


First I drilled out holes for the trunks and some holes underneath for magnets (for easy transport/storage), then everything was washed.

The planters then got a black spray undercoat, grey overspray and then a thin white overspray. The soil areas then got a browny-green thick wash.

The trees were then glued in with a hot glue gun as superglue would probably have left fume marks.

Finally, foliage clumps were added on top of some of the soil and some of the loose cherry blossom foam foliage was glued onto the soil. Job done and they really jazz up a table.

In-game these are helping to add some much-needed low cover to our Infinity tables.


On a more industrial note, I finally finished off some pipe piles. These are made from till rolls glued together.


I undercoated them black but wasn't sure where to go from there so tried an experiment. They got an overspray of grey and then of Army Painter red, followed by very light oversprays of grey and white to dull down the red again and add a bit of texture.

A bit of weathering and rust and they're done. The dark stripes were Coat d'Arms Dark Brown Super Wash, the dark brown rust areas were GW Typhus Corrosion and the orange rust patches were the old GW Foundation orange.

In-game, the differing diameters of pipe have worked well to hide different size models, with infantry able to take cover behind the two smallest piles and be totally hidden behind the two biggest piles.