Dice Cube Adshells in Action

Last night I got to put the adshells into action in an Infinity game for the first time.


We placed them forming a long boulevard across one corner of the table - something that's usually to be avoided in Infinity as long lines of sight like that tend to make for shooting galleries. However the line of trees down the middle made it quite easy to cover-hop across the boulevard in a couple of steps.

The adshells themselves are far better at blocking line of sight/line of fire than I'd thought - being around 38x38mm you can leave gaps wide enough for models to fit through but still have very constrained vision 'through' the line. As you can see below, once a model gets close to the line of cubes, LoF gets cut down to a few small gaps and the red models are all invisible without moving:

Likewise, LoF along the line of adshells is constrained with it being possible (if order-intensive) to do a series of Cautious Moves to 'hop' from dead-zone to dead-zone:

Overall, both a visual success and a gaming success. :-)