Spring Challenge Photo-Blog part 3 - Painted Armies, Zombies!

But first, round 3! (Part two here, by the way.)

Unused guard dogs in the middle of the table while some Loup-Garou set up behind the turtle:


Yu Jing on the loose again:


How many Loup Garou in one room?


Maghariba Guard HGL-spam causing havoc to the Nomads:




Djanbazan Link Team set up on a garden table:


Richard's Aragoto Biker attempts to slow down enough for the corner on one of the boarding action tables:


One of the round three games was short enough that I then got a game in. The high point of the game (from my point of view anyway) would be theSpektr Sniper uncloaking to take a pot-shot at an odalisque and then later on drawing a bead on the Maghariba Guard - due to range bands, cover, low visibility and TO Camo the Spektr was on BS12 to hit and the Maghariba Guard TAG was on a total of -15 to hit. One burst later and the TAG was a smoking pile of parts!

My Prowler gets cornered by a Muttawi´ah:


Painted Armies


Finally for this blog post, Zombies!

The garden table had Civvies trying to make it to Luke's large cardboard Dropship, surrounded by ALEPH and PanOceania troops:


I was on the first urban table and decided to take the high ground - this was great for giving the other players covering fire but not so good for clearing rooms!


After losing the female Naffatun to zombie blood splatter in close combat, my Lieutenant Ghulam and the other Naffatun headed for the lift:


Only to find a huge wave of zombies approaching when they got to ground level. The Ghulam LT headed back into the lift while the Naffatun single-handedly held off eight Zombies with his rifle and heavy flamethrower, later on helped out by the Odalisque on the roof with her Spitfire:

Nail-bitingly tense, even though we did manage to take down pretty well all the Zombies I think the game was a draw in the end due to the number of uncleared rooms!


One more batch of photos to come...