Salute 2012 Purchases

This year I spent a smallish amount of money on models at Salute, pretty well all 15mm SF stuff to add to my small 15mm collection for Gruntz.

Here's the overview, with one of my Alternative Armies Firefight Marines:


First up, one of Antenociti's new Kabardin APCs, although I'm not sure if the autocannon on the turret would take it into IFV territory or not.


Nicely detailed, a good design and generally a good cast. A+.

GZG pickup-style truck with an AA mount in the flatbed. The AA mount will be magnetised so that it can be removed easily.


More GZG stuff, the spiderbots and also some little wheeled drones which are cute. I'm still deciding whether to bases these or not, the 25mm ply discs from Fenris would definitely make them easier to handle and hopefully make the barrels last longer.


ARC Troopers from Critical Mass Games:


That's quite a nice bunch of additions. :-)

In case you're wondering why one of the crouching ARC Troopers has had his base removed, he's been magnetised for use on an Infinity robot base for scale purposes...

As I'm a skinflint and want to use the robot for both games/scales I'll make the base and camo a generic sandy & green colour which will fit both my existing 15mm models and my Haqqislam Infinity force with the ARC Trooper being added to make it look bigger when needed:


More on that later...