Salute 2014 Part One - Fantasy Tables

Time for my annual photo-blog of Salute, South London Warlords' big wargaming convention.

There were a lot of incredible tables this year. Starting with...



Salute 2013 Photo-Blog

So this weekend involved the annual trek to London for Salute on Saturday, the biggest dedicated wargaming show in the UK, and possibly Europe.

Rather than shoving all the images into one post, this year I've set up a bunch of sub-galleries and will include only the picks here.


Antenociti's Workshop

Jed from AW is working on a new table suitable for Infinity, with a strong jungle/woodland theme. He says it's about 60% done so I'm curious about how it's going to look when it's done!

Table overview.Table overview. Plenty of flora and fauna.Plenty of flora and fauna.

Salute 2012 Purchases

This year I spent a smallish amount of money on models at Salute, pretty well all 15mm SF stuff to add to my small 15mm collection for Gruntz.

Here's the overview, with one of my Alternative Armies Firefight Marines:


First up, one of Antenociti's new Kabardin APCs, although I'm not sure if the autocannon on the turret would take it into IFV territory or not.

Salute 2012

I was a bit busy running around talking to people and then running an Infinity intro game to do a proper photo-blog like last year, but here's the photos I did get...

Weather on the drive up on Friday afternoon was... interesting.

The queue to get in, on the other hand, was just long.

Salute 2011

Last weekend I headed up to Salute with some mates, and took a few photographs on the way...

This paraglider was seen somewhere over the M5.

A very wide load, the M4 was miraculously clear once we were past it:

Landmark time on the edge of London:

Pre-Salute Pizza:

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