Salute 2012

I was a bit busy running around talking to people and then running an Infinity intro game to do a proper photo-blog like last year, but here's the photos I did get...

Weather on the drive up on Friday afternoon was... interesting.

The queue to get in, on the other hand, was just long.

Even longer when you looked back and realised how much queue you'd already travelled down:


Once inside I visited all sorts of stands but only took photos of a few. First up was a trip to Antenociti's where he'd been customising some of the Sarissa Precision pods and putting together a small Infinity table:

Another Infinity-related table was the intro table next to Simple Miniature Games, with buildings supplied by Warmill:


Next up was a trip over to Robin's three excellent tables for his 15mm SF Gruntz rules:


Last but not least, a fantastic Gerry Anderson-inspired motorway table:


I spent quite a bit of money but almost all of that was on stock from Micro Art Studio (now on the webstore) including loose Infinity tokens. The remainder was a small selection of 15mm SF models from Antenociti, GZG and Critical Mass which should be finding their way into a blog post in the near(ish) future.