Dice Cube Adshells (updated)

Courtesy of eBay I picked up a box of empty dice cubes this week for use as ad towers for Infinity games. Grabbing a selection of posters designed by various Infinity forum members I quickly knocked together some box net layouts, printed them, cut them out, folded them, inserted them into the dice cubes and voilà!

Quick and good-looking scatter terrain for breaking up long sightlines in urban environments. With different graphics they'd even work quite well for 40k games. They're 37x37x70mm so are quite beefy, any human-size 28mm model would be able to hide behind one with ease.

Expect to see a PDF version for use in your own dice cubes at some stage. Here's a sneak-peek:


Update 17/08, more design work. Make sure you click for the bigger version:

Update 19/07/12 first PDF version: Dice Cube Adshells PDF

Update 25/07/13 blank PDF version: Dice Cube Adshells PDF


Ad Cubes

Great idea! Is there any chance that you could post a blank template so that we could slot our own images into it?  Many thanks Johnny

Good idea, I'll look into it.

Good idea, I'll look into it.