Micro Art Studio Infinity Holo Ads

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Another item from Micro Art Studio's 'Designed for Infinity' range, this is a set of translucent ads using imagery from the game.



Looks & Styling

Following the styling of their District 5 Apartment kit, MAS's holo-ads use a similar mix of shapes in their holo ad frames.

The ads themselves are made using images from the game plus extra design elements to turn them into ads. In a nice touch, the green i-Kohl ad features the Odalisque, the in-game unit that wears i-Kohl. The imagery makes these pieces of scenery very Infinity-specific, or at least very 'clean future' specific - while the frames would look fine on an urban 40k table the ads themselves are too sleek.

For a civilian envrionment the ads are very militaristic with the two smaller ones showing military technology, on the other hand as a wargame most of the background and available imagery is geared that way.


Parts, Fit and Construction

The holo ad set comes as a shrinkwrapped sheet of HDF (including shelf hook slot) plus three sheets of printed acrylic. The back of the label has assembly instructions.


The acrylic sheets have very vibrant and surprisingly detailed printing on the rear. There is a thin protective film on the front so if the colours are looking a bit 'off' you haven't peeled the film off yet! The rear-surface printing appears to use the same technology as the Infinity tokens but the ink has been laid down in a thicker and therefore more robust layer.



The first step is to push out all the pieces from the HDF sheets, carefully cutting through the 'retainer' areas with a sharp craft knife or scalpel. Construction is similar for both designs - a three-layer vertical assembly to sandwich the acrylic in place and then a series of buttresses to hold the three layers together and give the holo ad enough width to stay upright.

The smaller frames are held together at the bottom by the upright buttress pieces and at the top by a 3mm square peg that slots firmly into the square hole through all three pieces:

Once the HDF parts are assembled (and painted!), the printed acrylic sheet will (with a bit of force) slot into place. make sure you don't use a thick coat of paint on the inner surfaces as it's a tight fit.

The larger frame is made up of a single large 'U' with extra pieces up the sides, held on with some small horizontal clips. The clips were a bit loose in the review copy and would definitely need gluing.

The base part is a separate construction which slots together easily, the 'U' construction then slots into the top of it.

Finally, an extra piece goes over the end of the base assembly to hide the end slots and the acrylic sheet is worked into place.


Scale and Dimensions

The ads are sold for use with 28mm models but there is nothing scale-specific about them.


As you can see from the above scale photos the frames are substantial, especially when compared to Infinity models.

The larger ad frame is 125mm high by 120mm wide, with the base part being 39mm deep to give decent stability.

The two smaller frames are 120mm high by 73mm wide, with the base part being 24mm deep.


Game Use and Robustness

In-game these are hadny for adding extra line of sight-blocking terrain although you'll have to decide for yourself whether they totally block sight or just apply a modifier to shooting through them.

As with the District 5 Apartment, the buttress nature of the bottom part makes it easy to get models into base contact to claim cover.

Robustness is excellent as long as the larger frame is glued together, the smaller design could do with gluing but fits together so solidly that i haven't done this yet. I've been using the ads at the local club for several weeks and also at a tournament and they've held up without a scratch.



Vivid colours, good design in the ads (as you'd expect from Corvus Belli) and useful in-game. A thumbs-up from me.



  • Colourful, attractive and thematic additions to an infinity table.
  • Robust construction while layering hides some of the flat sheet nature of the parts.
  • High print quality.
  • Easy construction.


  • Militaristic subject matter a minor quirk if used for a civilian environment.


Holo-ads are availabe in the Wargaming Trader webstore plus your usual suppliers.