Señor Massacre

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Señor Massacre is a thinly-disguised Deadpool, a pit-fighter extraordinaire.


Pose & Styling

Señor Massacre is in a low crouching position with one foot resting on a pile of boxes. Although I sometimes complain about 'one foot up on random scenery' poses due to rebasing difficulties, this one is much better as it looks more purposeful and would also be easy to disguise if placing the model on a different style of base. The position of the arms looks more awkward in the photos than it does in the flesh as there is a continuous tensioned double-curve along one arm, through the shoulders and along the other arm.

Style-wise the model is a good mix of textures with armour plates, rubberised footwear and fabric. Covered with straps, holsters, pockets and assorted equipment, Massacre looks like he's equipped for anything. The backpack is particularly nicely done with it's asymmetrical cut-off triangle shape incorporating two scabbards. Note that the lower scabbard is empty, a nice touch that isn't always thought of when the model is holding a sword.


Parts & Fit


A five piece models, Señor Massacre has a separate backpack, separate arms and a right hand & sword piece.

The main head/legs/torso piece was flash-free and almost mould line-free, just some sanding needed on the plain areas of the helmet.

The backpack/scabbard piece had some flash and minor mould lines while the left arm was clean apart from some feeder channels.

The right arm and the hand/sword piece were both flashier and in need of some cleaning, but with no mould misalignments.


The backpack has a large nub which fits into a hole on the back of the model and is a snug fit. Some minor filling might be needed as the backpack has warped slightly as part of the moulding and casting process but only if painting to display/competition level.

The left arm fits neatly into the shoulder socket with a large nub and then a small positioning nub along the top edge.

The right arm is designed to fit in the same way but the hole for the positioning nub has filled in and a small amount of carving work is required. The wrist joint has a small cross-section but has a pin on the wrist and a hole in the hand part, however a feeder channel comes in beside the pin and the hole has shrunk slightly so you need to re-drill the mounting hole. Once this is done it's a pretty solid joint for it's size.



  • Excellent detail and texture.
  • Good menacing 'With one hand tied behind my back!' pose.
  • Attention to detail in the scabbards etc.


  • Small right wrist joint.


Another excellent character sculpt, equally at home in a superhero or pulp game as it is in Infinity.