Legionary 2012 Report

Another Legionary has come and gone.

Not massively busy in terms of attendees but the Infinity roadshow games were well attended. Here's the table:



And the forces:



The intro games had a mix of old and new hands taking part including people who had travelled down from Bristol 70 miles away. A bunch of people bought starter packs and rulebooks. :-)


Harry and Ed from Warmill had come over from Poole with a stand and were previewing a couple of new items. The first was a road barrier which could be raised and lowered (plus a photo of the processing centre):



The other was an incredible Japanese-style noodle bar, this is one of the best bits of laser-cut scenery I've seen, really good use of etching and acyrlic:






'Would you like hot shrapnel with that?'


Running a participation table I didn't have a lot of time to go around the other tables but this steampunky table caught my eye:



Finally, a bunch of happy intro gamers. A bit lacking in photos of people playing on the intro table but I was a bit busy at the time...